Flerk (Derk Roelofsen) is a digital artist, animator and designer from the Netherlands with a big love for composition, color and aesthetics. He loves great storytelling and provoking an emotion by the viewer with visuals and sound. He is particularly interested in the relationship between sound and visuals. The deep interest to develop an ability to grab the attention of the viewer in this very noisey social media world we live in.


Over the course of a year he created a design completely from scratch for 365 days straight. The Everydays project started with a big need to express and share his work with the world, which started on a random sunday night in December 2015. Finally able to show the world his capabilities and love for visual communication. Leading to some great opportunities and public attention, but mostly a big growing knowledge and love for his work.


Now on his journey in 2017, finally graduated he decided to provide his services to others as a freelancer and working hard to create a living out of this. He is particularly interested in artist branding, live visual animation and graphic design. But he can help you with all sorts of things.


Always interested in new challenges. Feel free to reach out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or